Life insurance

Life can be unpredictable, although things are going perfectly well now, it is not essential that it will continue the same way forever. It is important to invest in a life insurance to make sure that your dear one’s don’t suffer after you are gone. I offer a range of life insurance plans.  My life insurance provides you financial help while you deal with the adverse financial consequences of the insured individual’s death.


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Disability insurance

An accident can leave you with a permanent disability and may not let you work for a few months or years. Such a situation can lead to financial crisis and may force you and your family to compromise on your lifestyle. That is why it is always essential to invest in a disability insurance. At Canadian LIC, I offer a wide range of disability insurance solutions.


My insurance will provide you the financial assistance you need during your difficult times. In most cases my disability insurance can help you replace most part of your income.


Business insurance

If you are planning to start a business it is important to secure and protect it. At Canadian LIC, I offer business insurance solutions. My insurance will provide your business coverage against any financial losses that you may incur due to copy write issues, vandalism, thefts, employee death or injury, law suits and natural disaster.

In addition to offering you financial security, my business insurance will also offer your business the credibility it needs to sustain and flourish. Get in touch with us now for more details. 

Travel insurance

Travel is a time to relax, unwind, however cancellation of tickets, loss of luggage or passport can ruin your experience. You can rely on me to offer travel insurance plans. My insurance will secure your trip against any unpleasant experiences including medical expenses, accidents, theft and more. In addition to offering travel insurance, 


I also provide


Term Life Insurance

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Universal Life Insurance


Group Insurance

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Critical illness Insurance and more

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